Envelope Printing & Converting

There has been significant consolidation within the envelope printing and converting industry. Many factors precipitated these events, but the result is that production capacity is greatly reduced and is now concentrated with just a few major vendors. This trend has resulted in much longer lead times for envelope production.

Data-Mail has responded to this situation by acquiring two FL Smithe converting presses, which gives us the capacity to print and convert over one million envelopes per day. This new equipment complements our four existing jet presses for pre-manufactured envelopes.

Our financial strength and stability have allowed us to make this strategic acquisition and protect our clients from the volatility in the envelope marketplace and insures that we will have envelopes for your direct mail project when your mail date demands them.

Our envelope printing and converting capabilities now include:

  • Jet Press Printing 2/2 for pre-manufactured envelopes
  • Litho/Convert Web Printing up to 10 colors
  • Litho/Convert Sheet-Fed Printing up to 6 colors
  • Flexo Printing on two FL Smithe RAW converting presses that can convert 800 envelopes per minute from a roll or a die-cut sheet with a capacity of 1 million envelopes per day