Data Processing

Data-Mail’s Address Quality Capabilities

Data-Mail operates a high capacity, sophisticated data center with a staff of more than 60 seasoned IT professionals. We are experienced in both traditional direct mail data processing requirements as well as complex programming for multi-channel marketing applications.

Data-Mail utilizes CODE-1 Plus™ (a Pitney Bowes© product) to validate, correct, and standardize our customer’s address data. CODE-1 Plus™ is batch CASS-certified™ by the USPS®. The software has been fully tested and meets all requirements of the Coding Accuracy Support System, including ZIP + 4, carrier route, five-digit and LACSLink, eLOT, DPV™ RDI, and Perfect Address.

Delivery Point Validation (DPV)
Data-Mail also provides the next level of address validation through our Delivery Point Validation (DPV™) offering. DPV™ is a USPS-based system that enables Data-Mail to verify that an address actually exists. DPV™ validates the existence of both the primary and secondary address number, and can determine whether an address is a Commercial Mail Receiving Agent, housing private mail boxes at a distribution location.

NCOALink is a product developed, maintained, and distributed by the USPS for the purpose of updating new addresses for consumers who have moved recently. Data-Mail, Inc. is a proud licensee of NCOALink. We have integrated this new offering into our streamlined workflow process to give you all of the benefits of up-to-the-minute move updates, with no impact to your mail dates.

The move update requirements are changing for both First Class and Standard Mail. These regulations took effect November 2008. Files must be updated every 90 days (previous requirement was 180 days) for both classes of mail in order to qualify for automation discounts.

As a licensee of this product, Data-Mail can ensure the most recent updated information has been applied to your file at the time of mailing, which could maximize your marketing investment and increase response rates.

By updating just before mailing, you are turning that lost opportunity into the best opportunity—new movers. Many studies indicate that new movers spend more than any other documented target demographic on many different types of offerings.

NCOALink can also be used to identify some pieces that should be suppressed for a cost savings. These include individuals who moved, but their forwarding information was not made available to the USPS. This means that when this campaign actually mailed, the USPS also discarded this mail.

LACSLink is a product developed, maintained, and distributed by the USPS for the purpose of standardizing addresses that have changed as a result of the implementation of a 911 system. This commonly involves changing rural-style addresses to city-style addresses. The LACSLink product also contains existing city-style addresses that have been renamed or renumbered.

Postal Pre-Sort
Data-Mail utilizes Mailstream Plus™ (a Pitney Bowes© product) for all U.S. postal pre-sort operations, Mailstream Plus is a time-proven, best-of-breed solution for pre-sort operations that has been in use at Data-Mail for several years.

Maximizing Postal Discounts
Data-Mail maximizes postal discounts on every class of US Mail with presort software that’s PAVE Gold-certified in every single category.

MailStream Plus is a comprehensive mail preparation software solution that is PAVE-certified by the USPS. It sorts mailing lists according to USPS standards for every class(First-Class, Periodicals, Standard and Package Services) and type of mail (letters, flats and parcels) at all allowable levels. In addition to providing substantial cost savings for mailers, MailStream Plus incorporates comprehensive documentation that speeds mail preparation and USPS acceptance, facilitating prompt and accurate delivery.

To further optimize postage costs, Data-Mail has the ability to sort Standard class mail for BMC sortation and delivery. In addition, we offer a one-of-a-kind standard class sortation service approved by the USPS called Co-Tray, that allows Data-Mail to drop-ship virtually all of our customers’ mail regardless of quantity. We also offer commingling to give our clients the highest SCF penetration and lowest postal costs. Plus, we have an on-site Mail Design Specialist who works with our clients to design mail packages that ensure both production efficiencies and that the piece can mail at the lowest possible postal rate.

For Drop Ship mail, Data-Mail employs the services of specialized contractors who ensure uniform mail entry into the postal stream, regardless of the addressed geographic location.

Data-Mail also utilizes Street Sweeper (a Mailing Innovations product) for Canadian
pre-sort operations.

Database Hosting
Database Hosting services are provided to clients who require repeated use of their mailing lists. Each database hosting solution is designed specifically to meet our clients’ needs. Data-Mail utilizes Microsoft SQL Server and SQL Reporting Services for hosting, custom programming, and analytics for each database solution.

Suppression Services
Data-Mail offers full suppression services for DMA Pander, Deceased, Prison, Profanity, and Moved-Left-No-Address (MLNA’s).

Analytics and Reporting
Data-Mail uses Gen-Sel™ (a Pitney Bowes© product) to accurately segment and code variable data conditions. Data-Mail also utilizes SyncSort™ for sorting and reporting.

Group1 Consumer Merge/Purge Service is used to eliminate duplicate client data.


Address Quality Scorecard
Data-Mail’s Mail IQ Scorecard is an executive dashboard of data quality to help marketers and production managers manage the quality of their mailing at a file, campaign, or version level. The Mail IQ Scorecard brings the most critical data quality information to a mailer’s fingertips so they can make decisions that will improve their ability to improve response rates and decrease costs. The most common uses of the scorecard include:

  • Analyzing shifts in response rate caused by data quality
  • Monitoring database (or list) quality for sudden or gradual changes
  • Identifying data quality problems before mailing

Data Processing Capabilities
Intelligent Mail Barcode Support
WebTrack(OneCode Confirm™/OneCode ACS™)
iMail™ (Email Marketing Management)
CASS (MaxMover™)
Delivery Point Validation (Code-1 Plus™)
NCOALink (MaxMover™)
DSF2 Address Processing
LACSLink(Code-1 Plus™)
Pre-Sort (Mailstream Plus™)
Canadian Pre-Sort (StreetSweeper™)
Merge/Purge (Group1 Merge/Purge™)
Analytics/Reporting (Gen-Sel™ and SyncSort™)
Geocode/Geomatch (Nearest Store)
Deceased/Pander/Profanity Suppression

Variable Production Programming
GMC PrintnetT™
ABA DataPrep™
IBM™ AFP (Advanced Function Printing)

Secure Web-Audit Management
GMC WebProof™

Multi-engine IBM Z-Series Mainframe
Windows/Intel Servers (Dell/HP)
IBM and STK Cartridge Drives
IBM Shark and Hitatchi Disk Storage Device