Mail Tracking and Reporting

WebTrack helps you get your mail campaigns under control
Webtrack gives you visibility into mail deliveries and address corrections, enabling decision making with a near real-time solution at your fingertips.

  • Track Mail from Start to Finish with WebTrack Confirm™
  • Reduce Bad Addresses and Increase Response Rates with Webtrack ACS™

Features and Benefits: Webtrack and ACS

  • Track mail online in real time
  • Customize and test delivery strategies
  • Synchronize timing on multi-channel campaigns
  • Quickly and automatically correct addresses
  • Trigger outbound emails and telemarketing calls
  • Review reason codes for Undeliverable as Addressed (UAA) mail
  • Eliminate undeliverable mail
  • Evaluate efficiency of mailing lists
  • Save on postage
  • Increase response rates
  • Reduce waste
  • Leverage historical data 

Send and Track Campaign Messages and Offers Across Channels Including
E-Mail, SMS, and Web

Our System gives you the power to integrate your campaigns across multiple channels! With efficient mailing and accurate deliveries we can provide you the power to creatively capture your customers’ attention by leveraging the multiple channels they use every day. Imagine the marketing efficiencies you gain by being able to:

  • Send an email follow-up the day after you know a mail piece has been delivered
  • Send an SMS / Text message after mail has arrived
  • Enroll a mail recipient in a loyalty program or allow them to redeem an offer electronically
  • Provide segment-specific offers by mail and enable mail recipients to redeem custom offers via the web using custom QR codes

Realize the Profits and Cost Savings that accurate, Webtrack-driven campaigns
can provide!

For more information on WebTrack please contact us for a demo!

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