Multi-Channel Marketing


Data-Mail is expert in aiding our clients to utilize their creative assets across multiple formats for print and electronic delivery. Campaigns that use multiple channels will often share artwork, text and color schemes so that each message reinforces a cohesive overall communication.
Direct marketers have long been accustomed to developing and executing rule-based logic that guides personalization via laser printing. Data-Mail is able to help our clients leverage this same logic within their electronic communications. The same matrix that is used to pull variable content into letters can be used to pull the same variable information into e-mail and text messages. Instead of simply blasting out generalized messages, Data-Mail provides our clients a high level of individualization within their e-mail campaigns
Data-Mail helps our clients integrate web-based information into their printed communications by supporting the use of PURLs (personalized URLs) and Mobile Barcodes, such as QR Codes (Quick Response Codes). PURLs and Mobile Barcodes connect print to the web and allow quick access to web-based content such as video clips and microsites from personal computers and smartphones.

– Connect direct mail with the web
– Capture response information online
– Track campaign effectiveness in real-time


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