Postage Optimization Strategies

Data-Mail has dedicated management staff that develops a strategy for each individual mailing to optimize postage savings. Mail files are examined to determine the best methods of sortation. Presort results are then compared to potential commingle savings. Entry point delivery alternatives are reviewed for cost vs. savings to achieve maximum savings while focusing on hitting the desired in-home dates. Our methods include:

  • Advanced data analysis to achieve best possible presort, then compare against projected commingle savings to find lowest possible postage.
  • Commingle services to maximize the percent of mail that is sorted to the 5 digit level and secure the best entry point discount. We are able to commingle in one pass.
  • State-of-the-art operational efficiency with our in-house high-speed commingle equipment and computerized conveyer system for mail trays.

In addition, Data-Mail has two seats on the Mailers’ Technology Advisory Committee (MTAC). We are experts on postal regulations and technologies.

Download Data-Mail’s Postal Rate Chart (.PDF)

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